Dermaheal HL (5×10 vials)

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An anti-hair loss mesotherapy solution. Topical use only.


5ml x 10 Vials
What are the benefits of Dermaheal HL?

prevention of hair loss
enhancement of the growth of new hair
How should the treatment be administered?
Dermaheal HL is applied on the skin, preferably using a micro-needle roller. It is recommended to apply the preparation 3 times a week; however, the treatment can repeated daily.


The apparent and striking effect shows within six weeks of the first application. The procedure is absolutely painless and allows immediate return to social life.

Not recommended if:

known persistent hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid
autoimmune disorders
pregnancy or breast-feeding
simultaneous peeling or laser treatment
skin infections

3 reviews for Dermaheal HL (5×10 vials)

  1. Jeremiah Wooters

    Thinning of hair has always been a major drawback which men and women face. I do that too and my personal life was highly affected due to this. But since I came across Dermaheal HL, things have started to get better off. Everyday I feel highly confident as the gradual growth of hair has made me look up for something good coming my way. Do give a try all the people going through hair loss issues.

  2. Donnell Burch

    Total regard for client satisfaction. excellent shipping to New Zealand.

  3. Laudium Enoch

    I have a personality which was quite appreciated no matter where I went. Just last year I started noticing the heavy hair fall and baldness. This was a serious concern for me as I never expected that this will ever be something I will face. When I consulted the hair consultant for my hair loss I got two solutions, one was transplant and the other was Dermaheal HL. With my research I opted for the Dermaheal and believe me I got the expected results for the baldness. I went ahead with the treatment which took me 5 months but this treatment was a success. Thanks Dermal Fillers World.

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